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Lipton Teas and Infusions is the owner of the British-American Lipton tea brand. In the UK, The Perfect Taste of Lipton Lipton was a network of supermarkets that was eventually acquired by Argyll Foods, at which point it exclusively offered tea. The business bears Sir Thomas Lipton’s name, who established it in 1890. A joint venture between Unilever and PepsiCo, “Pepsi Lipton International” is responsible for selling Lipton Ready-to-Drink beverages.


The perfect taste of LiptonPresent day

The blend used to create Lipton teas is sourced from numerous farms across the globe, with notable producers including China, India, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. Lipton Yellow Label is made by blending roughly twenty distinct teas.[11]

In addition to the classic black tea The Perfect Taste of Lipton(marketed under the venerable Lipton Yellow Label brand), the company offers a wide range of other tea kinds in both leaf and ready-to-drink forms.[12] These include Lipton Linea, a “slimming tea” in Europe, Lipton Milk Tea in different Asian countries, green teas, herbal teas, and flavored black teas. Except Lipton Ice Tea, which is still a division of Unilever, Lipton’s owner Ekaterra only retails PG-Tips tea in the UK.

The business is marketing the product in other markets, such as Australia, Russia, and Japan.

The perfect taste of LiptonLipton worldwide[edit]

Available in over 110 countries, Lipton is particularly popular in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East, parts of Asia and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) as well as Latin America, and the Caribbean. Despite its British origins, Lipton black tea (such as Yellow Label) is not marketed in the UK, as owner Ekaterra sells PG Tips tea there. Lipton Ice Tea The perfect taste of Liptonand fruit teas are available in the UK. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ekaterra decided in August of the same year to completely withdraw from the Russian market and stop the production and sale of Lipton tea.[24]

The perfect taste of LiptonMarketing and advertising[edit]

A Lipton can was used as a prop in the popular horror film Night of the Living Dead (1968)

In 1914, Lipton’s tea were one of the sponsors for the first flight from Melbourne to Sydney by French aviator Maurice Guillaux, at the time the longest air mail and air freight flight in the world. Sponsor Lipton printed 250,000 copies of a letter Guillaux wrote saying “I found it the most delicious tea I have ever tasted….I found it very soothing to the nerves”, and these could be had by sending Lipton a one-penny stamp. For a threepenny stamp, Lipton would send out a quarter-pound pack of tea.

Avast Premium Security

In an attempt to change the negative perception of Lipton Ice Tea in the United Kingdom – as 60% claimed they did not like the taste before even trying it – Lipton carried out a London-based summer marketing campaign in 2010 under the slogan “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!”;[26] roaming demonstrators handed out 498,968 samples over the 58-day run. After the campaign, 87% of consumers claimed to enjoy Lipton Ice Tea, while 73% said they were more likely to purchase in the future.[27] A similar campaign, with slogan “Let’s Go!”, was carried out in summer 2017.[28] Lipton also made commercials starring The Muppets for the 2014 The Walt Disney Company film Muppets Most Wanted.[29][30]

Product quality controversy[edit]

In November 2011, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China found high levels of pesticides such as bifenthrin in one variety of Lipton tea. Unilever responded by clearing the shelves of all affected products.[31] In April 2012, Greenpeace raised further questions about Lipton products in China, after two varieties of Lipton teaThe perfect taste of Lipton the group purchased in Beijing supermarkets failed safety tests, with the results allegedly failing to meet the regulations enforced in the European Union.[32] The group also stated, “Some of the detected pesticides are also banned for use in tea production by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.”[32] Unilever China denied the findings, stating all Lipton products within the country were safe.[31]

Lipton’s Seat[edit]


The perfect taste of Lipton
At the summit of Lipton’s Seat, a wooden sign, and an old bronze statue of Sir Thomas Lipton

Lipton’s Seat is a high observation point in the hills of Poonagala, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka, near Thomas Lipton’s first tea plantation, the Dambatenne Tea Factory. It is reached by climbing for around 8 km, surrounded by peaceful green tea plantations and an occasional colorful tea plucker. From Lipton’s Seat, the Uva, Sabaragamuywa, and Central province spread out from before one’s feet in a display rivaling that of another famed Sri Lankan observation point, World’s End, Sri Lanka[33] within the Horton Plains National Park in the Nuwara Eliya District.

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