Panda Free Antivirus For Windows PC Latest [2024]

Panda Free Antivirus offers free protection from cyber-attacks and offline threats. The software is designed for Windows and allows you to schedule scans, test USBs for malware, and access a free VPN. This lightweight program uses cloud technology to protect your computer from spyware and malware.

Panda Antivirus, which uses cloud assistance to protect your computer against potential threats, is one of most powerful and effective ways to do so. Since their inception, antiviruses have evolved. Antiviruses are no longer just basic pieces of protection software; they have many more features today. Cloud protection is one of the most important features, as cloud software has many features.

Panda Antivirus offers a comprehensive solution to many of the modern security issues. Both the paid and free versions offer the same protection. This tool will allow you to remove any malware or trojans that may be threatening your computer’s security. You may also like Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Crack

Panda Free Antivirus

What is Panda Free Antivirus?

Panda Free Antivirus was developed by Panda Security. This company is known for its free and premium antivirus programs. This application is designed to be simple, but still provide robust security for users who may not be very tech-savvy. This application also includes additional features such as USB protection, VPN, and a Rescue Kit that allows you to boot and clean your computer.

The software provides real-time security by scanning each new file you copy or save to your computer. The antivirus monitor isolates files that are suspected of being malicious during a scan and uploads them to the online tab for the company. If the results are negative, the software will remove the file from the isolation.

    Panda Security Free

    Panda Security Free a Spanish IT Security company founded in Bilbao 1990, caters both to private and business customers. Panda is now owned by WatchGuard Technologies (a Seattle-based cybersecurity conglomerate) since 2020.

    The developer offers both a free antivirus package (Panda Security Free) and a paid version (Panda Dome premium). Both offer security, privacy and performance optimization on Windows, Android macOS and iOS.

    We tested Panda Security using a Windows PC as well as an Android smartphone.

    Is Free Antivirus enough?

    Panda Free Antivirus is only a small part of the computer security picture. If you need more protection, opt for Panda Dome. This commercial plan offers a security suite that includes banking protection, parental control, data encryption and additional anti-ransomware. It also features password management, unlimited VPN, and password management.


    Panda Security protects your computer in real time with scans, just like most antivirus software. Panda Security Free offers Windows users basic protection for free.

    Manual scanning: Full, critical, or customized

    Three types of scans are available: “Critical Areas”, which searches for active virus activity, only takes a couple of minutes. The “Full Scan”, which takes much longer, is necessary to protect your computer from threats. You can also run “Custom Scans” by specifying which files, partitions, or folders to check. You can configure the scans that run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in the “Antivirus Sub-Menu”All subscriptions include scanning of USB and external storage devices. Scanning specific areas or the entire computer is possible.

    Firewall protection for customers 

    A firewall allows you to monitor and control your data traffic. It also prevents unauthorized access. Panda Security only offers this to paid subscribers. You can specify whether you are connected to a public, home or work network. You can also adjust the settings and create rules and exceptions.

    Real-time protection: Pay more, get more

    Panda Security Free provides only the essentials. The “WiFi protection”, which monitors your network to detect uninvited visitors like hackers, can only be included in the Essential subscription.

    Only Advanced subscribers can get web protection to surf, shop, or bank online in a secure manner. This package includes ransomware defense, which protects you from Trojans that encrypt files on your computer to demand payment in order to decrypt. The Advanced subscription also includes parental controls to make the Internet safer and more secure for your children.

    Subscribe to a higher-priced subscription 

    A Complete subscription unlocks more extravagant features. The Complete subscription package includes the total protection of sensitive data (encryption), as well as the ability to add extra layers of security for specific apps, folders, and files. The optimization tool increases the performance of your computer.

    Also included is a password manager. Panda used to license a version Password Depot. This has now been replaced with an in-house product, Panda Dome Passwords by SaferPass. This software has not been thoroughly tested, but we believe it offers all the basics and is relatively easy to use.

    Subscribe to Premium VPN Power

    Panda Security Premium subscribers can use the VPN at no additional cost. Comparatively, free users get only 150 MB per day. Panda VPN, like the password manager is based on a third-party program (Hotspot Shield), that received a score of average in our VPN evaluation. We were concerned about the company’s commitment to user privacy and data security.

    Hotspot Shield is the VPN engine of Panda Security.

    Panda’s premium subscriptions do not include webcam security, which protects your computer and webcam from prying eyes.

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    Panda Free Antivirus

    Mobile features

    • Panda Security’s mobile app (iOS and Android) includes anti-theft features, along with other features. These include “Privacy Auditor”, a feature that lists all permissions granted by you to apps installed. This is a great way to see which apps can access your messages and media, or track your location.
    • Scanning your smartphone with Panda Security is easy.
    • The app’s antitheft tools will come in handy if your phone is stolen or lost. You can use these tools to remotely lock or delete your device’s sensitive data.
    • Subscribers to Premium can add extra security to certain apps by using “App Lock”. This is done through a fingerprint or PIN scan.
    • The mobile version of Panda Security includes smart anti-theft features.
    • Panda Security offers all the essential features, plus some extras. It can be confusing to choose from so many different packages and subscriptions. Third-party add-ons also aren’t always the best solution. We’d prefer to pay for a standalone VPN rather than Panda Security’s VPN.

    System Requirements 

    • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Pentium IV or above
    • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

    Installation & Usage

    • Panda Security Free can be downloaded from the website of the provider (via a CNET Link) without having to create an account. If you want to subscribe for a premium service, first enter your payment information and then download Panda Dome. You’ll be using this account to manage subscription payments. An account will automatically create for you once Panda Dome has been installed.
    • With a Panda Account, you can download and manage your programs.
    • It only takes a few moments to download and install this 3 MB program. Panda Dome, unlike most antivirus programs is light and appears to only consume a small amount of resources.
    • The interface is attractive and acts as a central hub for the features of the program. They range from parental controls to VPN protection. You’ll find your security status on the home page (whether or not your PC is protected), as well as the number of files scanned and five icons that represent the most important components. Click on the button next to status to switch from a detailed overview.
    • You can disable the news ticker at the bottom of your interface by going to settings.
    • The dashboard buttons allow you to access all Panda Security features.
    • You can find the other features of Panda Dome by scrolling through the additional icons (23 for subscribers who pay) or clicking the hamburger menu at the top left. Here you will find some of the same items as the menu, such as “My Products”, My Devices”, and Support.
    • The program isn’t just a problem of usability because it has a lot of redundancy. The icons are arranged in a haphazard manner, which makes the interface appear cluttered, especially when using the premium version with all its features. Hovering your mouse over an icon will reveal the features it contains.
    • A related issue is the fact that the icons do not appear to be arranged in a logical order. When we clicked on the “Scans”, we expected to be allowed to schedule scans, but this was done under the “Antivirus”.
    • The menu bar to the left allows you to access settings, monitor devices and manage your subscription.
    • Panda Security only needs a few minor changes to achieve a higher user-friendliness rating. We got to know the interface over time and found what we needed. Below, we’ll go into more detail about the features of this software.

      Panda Free Antivirus


      Panda Free Antivirus 2024 is a solid antivirus program with a wide range of features. It only has blemishes here and there. The interface is a mess, the third-party tools (VPN, password manager) don’t offer much, and security and performance lab results are only “good”. They’re still not far behind the best services in our sample.

      Panda Security is a great antivirus program. You can customize your antivirus protection with the different subscription packages. The dashboard is easy to use, and it provides good protection without slowing down your computer. Basic protection is available for free, and you can try it out for a month without paying anything.


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